Go, Bears!

Here are special nutcrackers in praise of the Bryan Golden Bears' recent successful football seasons. The players, coaches and community have a right to be proud of their hometown heroes. Giclee's of both are available all year round. The original Oil Pastel of the WHITE jersey GO, BEARS! is available. The PURPLE jersey GO, BEARS! is in a private collection.

Giclees are available of BOTH 
at Special Occasions and from the artist
CUSTOM NUMBERS: You may order a print with ANY number on the PURPLE jersey. Contact Special Occasions or Shelley Schoenherr to order a custom numbered jersey on the PURPLE nutcracker. 

The original oil pastel work of the WHITE jersey GO,BEARS! 
is presented on foam core 28 x 20 
offered at 
Bryan, Ohio
$64.oo Christmas Special at Special Occasions, Bryan Ohio